Welcome to GetTimbre.com

What is GetTimbre.com?

GetTimbre.com is (or will be when we're through with it) a suite of web based applications that help bands with their most important and tedious job: marketing.

Because Good Music isn't enough

You can be the best band in the world and if no one knows about you or if no one knows where you're playing it won't matter. The bar owners may or may not appreciate your musicianship but the only thing they will react to is a full house and the cash in the register. You owe it to yourself to be more than just a live juke-box; you have to get the word out for each and every gig!

Our first tool: TimbreTime

One of the simplest weapons in your marketing arsenal is a list of your upcoming gigs. Simple in that it is a basic component; not always simple to produce.

Whether you have your own website or you use social media sites like facebook or MySpace to get the word out, you know what a pain maintaining your schedule is week in and week out.

Entering the Venue’s contact information, setting up a link to their website, setting up a link to a map to the place, getting the start date/time and the end date/time right. Make one little mistake and nobody shows up (or worse, they all show up on the wrong day)! And fighting with HTML or facebook’s interface; what a pain!!

TimbreTime lets you publish your schedule, the way you want it to look, without having to fight with HTML. You put up Venue information once and never have to think about it again no matter how many times you are invited back.

Your fans get consistent, accurate information on where and when you are performing. All of your pages have links to social media and email, making it easy for you and them to spread the word!

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