TimbreTime - As Simple As 1-2-3

Here's all you need to do to maintain your schedule in TimbreTime:

  1. Put up a venue
    You simply fill out a form. It tells you what information you need to provide; no more forgetting to list a phone number!

    You even have the ability to provide links to the Venue’s web page and to a map (you can use google maps, MapQuest or any other mapping service).

    You don’t even need this step if you’ve already put this particular venue up, so technically it could be as easy as 2-3! With TimbreTime, life gets easier the more you use it!

  2. Put up a gig
    You get a form with pop-up calendars and a place to enter start and end times. You can enter text about the gig and you can even supply a link to a graphic for the gig if you have one.

  3. View your schedule
    TimbreTime allows you to show your schedule two ways: as a chronological list of all your upcoming gigs, or in a calendar format.

    Either way, each gig listing has a link to a separate page where full information about that gig is displayed.

    On all of these pages - the chronological gig list, the calendar of events and the gig info page - there are links at the bottom for posting the page to social media and for emailing a link to the page to friends.

    The look of these pages are in your control. We provide a formatting function that lets you define the color scheme so you can match the look of these pages with your existing website.

    Got a logo? You have the ability to include your logo in the header section of all your pages on TimbreTime. You can even make the header (whether you provide a logo or not) link back to your site.

Reoccurring gigs are no problem in TimbreTime. You have the ability to "Clone" a gig, so if you have a reoccurring gig you would simply clone it and change the dates in the new copy.

Here's an example of a Gig List Page for Blind Ronnie's House of Blues. The gigs and venues are fictitious, but it will give you a good idea of what the system is capable of. Note the logo at the top of the page. Also notice that if you click on that logo it will take you to the official band site. Be sure to click on the links for each gig that say "More info". You can see that the Gig Info page that is rendered can be fairly simple or can be complex (including a "Flyer" image for your gig). Go ahead and click on any link on either page. You have the ability to link the Venue Name to the Venue's website and the Venue's address to a map.

Here's an example of a Calendar of Events Page for Blind Ronnie's House of Blues. It is the same information displayed in the Gig List Page, but in calendar format. Each gig is a link to the same gig info page that you got to by clicking on "More Info" on the Gig List Page.

We are looking for 5 bands to help us test this out!

We've tested this thing like crazy and we think it's pretty solid. So the next step is to find a few bands willing to enter into a three-month trial of TimbreTime.

Here's what you get: you get full access to all the features of TimbreTime and our first-cut at a guide for using the site. You also get free technical support. And you get our promise that as long as you remain actively engaged in the trial, the account you establish with the trial will never be charged any fees for TimberTime or its support (in other words, even if we eventually decide to start charging for access to TimbreTime or charge a support fee, your account will not be subject to any charges. Ever.).

Here's what we expect from you: Talk to us. Tell us what we got right and where we missed the boat. Share any ideas you have on more and better functionality out of the service.

Interested? Go here to fill out an application to join our three-month trial.